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Introducing rieckpil - Testing Spring Boot Applications Made Simple blog - the go-to source for thousands of software developers who prioritize code quality and testing. With our vast and loyal readership, your message will reach the exact audience you're looking for. Plus, with our reputation as one of the most trusted sources on the internet for testing Java applications, you can rest assured that your brand will be associated with excellence and credibility.

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Traffic and volume key facts (last updated: 23th of April 2024):

  • 65.000 monthly unique page views: 90% organic SEO traffic from Google.
  • 9.800 newsletter subscribers: JVM developers with an affinity to testing, code quality, cloud and productivity
  • 10.500 active course students leveling up their Java testing skills with the course academy on this site
  • 5.800 YouTube subscribers watching hands-on testing tutorials and learning about new testing recipes
  • 5.100 Follower on X (formerly Twitter)
  • 4.400 Professional followers on LinkedIn

The Target Audience

In a nutshell: The target audience has a strong technical background and includes not only experienced developers but also those who are just starting out in their careers.

Due to the in-depth nature of our content, our visitors are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and are looking to improve their technical skills and advance their careers. 

Given the focus on testing, the audience deeply cares about code quality, productivity and maintainability of the code they produce.

  • Indivdual software developers working for enterprises and startups with a strong technical background
  • Worldwide english speaking audience
  • Technological preferences: Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, AWS, Cloud, Testing, Software Craftmanship, Productivty
  • Experienced & mid, and junior software developers
  • Working with at least one JVM lanugage on a daily basis

The Lead Content Creator

Philip Riecks (rieckpil)

Meet Philip, the visionary lead content creator and founder of rieckpil, a cornerstone for software developers specializing in testing Spring Boot applications.

With a decade of rich experience in the IT industry, Philip stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation. He's not just a freelance IT consultant; he's an accomplished author, an international conference speaker, and a dedicated mentor.

Philip's expertise is unparalleled when it comes to testing within the Java ecosystem, especially with Spring Boot applications. His work, "Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with Spring Boot on AWS," alongside "30 Testing Tools and Libraries Every Java Developer Must Know," and "Testing Spring Boot Applications Demystified," have become essential readings for developers seeking to elevate their skills.

Beyond his books, Philip has crafted an extensive library of knowledge through his blog, rieckpil. With over 200 articles dedicated to the art and science of automated testing, he has become the go-to resource for developers worldwide. His commitment to education extends to his YouTube channel and online courses, where he has amassed more than 20 net hours of learning materials, meticulously designed to make automated testing not just accessible, but enjoyable.

Philip's platform is not just a blog; it's a thriving community where developers come to learn, share, and grow. Advertising with rieckpil means placing your testing tools in front of a highly engaged and targeted audience that values quality, innovation, and efficiency. Join forces with Philip, and let's drive the future of testing together.

Speaker at VMWare Explore in Las Vegas 2023

Speaker at Devoxx Belgium 2022

Speaker at Spring I/O in Barcelona 2022 & 2023

Marketing and Growth Opportunites

1. Display Ads on the Blog

As a classic advertisement opportunity, we do provide native display ads locations on our page at three dedicated spots: sidebar top, sidebar right and landscape bottom.

You can decide to either sponsor a subset of dedicated articles or all available articles.

This kind of advertisement fits best for general brand marketing to drive leads and increase the visibility of your product or service.

This advertisement opportunity includes:

  • A/B testing of images
  • Click & impression reports
  • Image rotation after X days
  • Exclusivness to avoid any competing ads for your promotion

For an example of this advertisement option, visit one of our blog articles.

Display Ad Opportunities on rieckpil

2. Ad-Hoc Newsletter Campaign

Send an ad-hoc newsletter update to our entire newsletter audience. This is a perfect way to deliver any time-critical information (e.g., new feature release, upcoming conference, etc.) to our audience.

You design and structure the content of this email to your specific needs. Location-based time scheduling is possible, and we'll re-send the email to all non-openers.

Ad Hoc Newsletter Example

3. Feature a Monthly Newsletter Update

As part of our newsletter, we send monthly updates with information about the latest content on this blog and trends within the Java testing ecosystem.

As a sponsor of this monthly update, you get the chance to market your product/service at the beginning of the newsletter.

This includes: your logo, a CTA link, and a description of up to 60 words.

See an example from Gatling for sponsoring this newsletter update.

Monthly Newsletter Campaign Marketing Opportunity

4. Become Part of a Evergreen Campaign

Design and write an entire newsletter update on your own. The content should be educational and beneficial for our audience. At the end of the newsletter, you can add your CTA.

The email will become part of our main evergreen campaign that every new subscriber goes through. As part of the evergreen campaign, we send a new educational email every four days and send around 40 emails in total.

Take a look at this example email from Diffblue.

Evergreen Newsletter Campaign Marketing Opportunity

5. Get Visible in our Educational Content

We're running a set of online courses and offer eBooks that we can enrich to include a section/lesson/video about your testing tool, library or service:

rieckpil educational products

6. Become Our Main Sponsor

Looking for a unique way to get your brand in front of a highly engaged audience?

Similar to sponsoring a sports team, sponsoring our blog gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand to a large, dedicated audience.

In addition to sponsoring the entire blog, you'll also have the opportunity to sponsor specific articles with a clear call to action that drives readers directly to your website. This is a powerful way to generate leads and drive conversions.

But that's not all. As a sponsor, your brand will be featured in multiple contact points with our readers and audience, including next to our logo, conference talks, newsletter email footer, and on our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. This ensures that your brand is seen by our audience at every touchpoint, maximizing your exposure and driving engagement.

rieckpil main sponsorship example

7. Guest Post an Article

We're excited to offer you the opportunity to share your article with our readers, who are highly engaged in our content niche. By publishing your guest post on our blog, you'll be able to reach a wider audience and generate valuable backlinks to your website.

Our blog has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality content, and we're committed to maintaining that standard with every guest post we publish. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your article meets our guidelines and aligns perfectly with our content niche.

rieckpil guest article

... got another idea on where you'd like to advertise your product? Let's talk.

Excerpt of Previous and Current Sponsors

Pre-Sales FAQs

What Reports Do You Provide?

We collect information and statistics for the generated impressions and clicks that we'll share with you after running a campaign.

How Much Does it Cost?

The final price depends on the duration, package and whether or not you combine multiple options.

Get in touch for a personalized offer.

What Payment Options Do You Offer?

You can pay both in USD and EUR. We offer payment plans for credit cards and bank transfer.

Can We A/B Test an Opportunity?

For most marketing opportunities we do offer A/B testing capabilites.

You'll be able to test different creatives and/or sales copy.

What Are the Next Steps?

Let's first get in contact and I'll send you a list of resources and information afterwards.

In general, you should be prepared to send over creatives, CTA and content.

Do You Have a Media Kit?

Download the PDF media kit as a sharable document for your team and for further information for the traffic numbers.

Philip Riecks

Let's Get in Touch

Schedule a call with Philip (founder and main content creator) to discuss the next steps and details of our potential collaboration.

... or reach out via [email protected] or Twitter.