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About Me

Philip Riecks (rieckpil)

I’ve dedicated this blog to provide you Java quick start tutorials for common enterprise use cases (e.g. PDF & document manipulation, security, file handling etc.) both for Java/Jakarta EE and the Spring ecosystem. In addition, you’ll find posts about Software CraftsmanshipDatabases & SPA’s.

There are three general blog post types:

  • ​HOWTO​: Simple quick starts to common problems
  • ​REVIEW: Reviews of books, video courses, podcasts …
  • ​WHATIS?: Introduction of a technology, framework, feature …

For nearly every post I’m providing the full source code on GitHub. There you’ll also find step-by-step guides within the README for running the example on your machine with e.g. Docker. Feel free to open an issue if anything is not working as expected!

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