Testing Java Applications Made Simple

As professional software engineers, we ship working code on a daily basis. If that code is not well-tested, maintainable, and understandable by co-workers ...

... then bug reports and outages are the last things we have to worry about.

The quality of the code you deploy is YOUR responsibility. Effectively testing your application will make you deliver more confident (also on Friday afternoons) and write better code.

Testing can be joyful! If it's frustrating, then there is a good chance that you don't know the HOW (yet) ...

With the content on this blog, you'll learn tips & tricks, recipes, and solutions to accelerate YOUR testing success and become a better engineer.

Never worry about Testing your Spring Boot Application again

Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass
  • Covering Unit, Integration and End-to-End Tests using JUnit 5, Mockito, Testcontainers, WireMock, Selenide, Awaitility, LocalStack, etc.
  • State-of-the-art course application using Spring Boot 2.4, Java 14, PostgreSQL, Keycloak, AWS services, React, TypeScript
  • 126 video lessons with 8h+ of high quality testing content. Watch four preview lessons

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