Affiliate Program

Looking for some passive side income for your blog, newsletter, or YouTube channel? Feeling tired of the little money that the Amazon Referal program or Google AdSense brings every month?

If you're creating content around Java and/or Spring Boot, we have a great affiliate program for you. It's an opportunity for some additional passive income without polluting your content with meaningless ads. 

With our affiliate program, you link to our products from your site and get a cut for every sale. These links perform best if your audience is already interested in testing Java applications and is looking for deep-dive resources.

These are our affiliate program terms:

  • 30 days cookie lifetime
  • monthly payout 30 days after the purchase
  • 30% commission for each sale

For example, a single sale of the Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass (287€) will result in an 86.1€ commission. Imagine how many purchases you'd have to generate with Amazon affiliate links to reach this result. We have affiliates in this program that constantly make 150€+ every month.

You can create affiliate links for the following products:

If you're interested and plan to join as an affiliate, please fill out the form below, and we'll get in contact with you.

As soon as we've reviewed and accepted your application, you'll receive an invitation link to register an account at our eCommerce provider (CopeCart). At CopeCart, you can generate your custom affiliate links and get insights into how many times your link was clicked each day. No strings attached - you can stop advertising our products at any time.

Let us know if you need any creatives or sales copy to advertise our products on your site.

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