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Testing Tools Book

If All You Have Is a Hammer, 

Everything Looks Like a Nail.

The Java testing ecosystem is huge. Over the years, a lot of libraries have emerged, especially for niche areas. This book aims to cover all testing tools & libraries that should be part of your testing toolbox as a Java Developer. Each tool/library is present with a standardized approach:

Fact Sheet + Tool/Library Setup (Maven & Gradle) + Most Common Use Cases 

... there's more to testing Java applications than JUnit & Mockito:

Test Runner

Overview of the different Java test runners and how they emerged.

Assertion Libraries

Discover different assertion libraries for your test outcome and JSON and XML payloads.

Mocking Frameworks

There's more to mock than collaborators with Mockito.

Infrastructure Libraries

Start Docker containers for your tests, access and control browsers for your end-to-end tests, etc.


Different tools & libraries for various purposes: e.g. contract testing, AI-generated tests, etc.

Performance Testing

How does your application perform under load? Measure what matters with the right tools.

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Philip (rieckpil)

Philip is an independent IT-Consultant living in Berlin. He started working with Java back in 2015 and has used it for multiple applications in several industries. Testing is an integral part of his daily work as he is a profound craftsman.

Once Philip understood the ins and outs of the Java testing landscape, writing tests makes as much fun as writing production code for him. He's also a won around TDD (Test Driven Development) practitioner and regularly shares testing techniques among his colleagues and clients.

He started teaching Java topics on YouTube in 2018 and is writing content about the Java ecosystem on his blog since 2017.

More than 1.000 course students have enrolled for his online courses. Besides that, he's also actively helping developers on Stack Overflow with their questions around testing Java applications.

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30 Tools Is Just The Beginning

Get an overview of the different testing tools & libraries that this book covers. 

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Sneak Peak

Test Runner

  • JUnit 5 
  • TestNG
  • ...
  • JUnit 4
  • Spock
  • ...

Assertion Libraries

  • AssertJ
  • Hamcrest
  • JSONAssert
  • JsonPath
  • XMLUnit
  • REST Assured

Mocking Frameworks

  • Mockito
  • MockWebServer
  • ...
  • WireMock
  • PowerMock
  • ...

Test Infrastructure

  • Testcontainers
  • Microshed Testing
  • GreenMail
  • LocalStack
  • Citrus
  • Selenium


  • Selenide
  • Spr. Cloud Contract
  • FitNesse
  • Pact
  • Diffblue
  • ....

Performance Testing

  • JMH
  • Gatling
  • ...
  • JMeter
  • Quick Perf
  • ....