Getting Started With Testing Spring Boot Applications in Only 3 Hours

Kickstart Your Spring Boot Testing Success

Ready, Steady, GO! Start your testing journey now. Untested, brittle, and hard to refactor code belongs to the past. Spring Boot's testing support is excellent if you know how to utilize it correctly. 

  • Starting from Scratch (Basic Java and Spring Boot knowledge required)
  • Covering Unit, Integration, and End-to-End Testing
  • 15 Right-Sized Course Lessons With 12 Hands-On Exercises
  • Certificate of Completion Included to Enrich Your CV and Online Profile
  • Final Quiz to Assess Your Knowledge

Featuring well-known testing tools and libraries like Testcontainers, Selenide, JUnit 5, Mockito, etc.

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Why You Should Enroll For This Course

... or why you should care about testing your Spring Boot application ...

Pros #1

  • Deploy changes with confidence to production
  • Become a better software engineer
  • Connect the dots and understand how testing works
  • Lay a solid foundation for testing Spring Boot applications
  • Self-paced learning with hands-on exercises

Pros #2

  • Spring Boot's testing support is excellent
  • You'll joyfully write your tests afterward
  • Practice TDD
  • We'll start from scratch and also tackle advanced topics
  • Preparation for the Testing Masterclass

Success Stories of Course Participants

Thanks @rieckpil for making this excellent course.

 I really enjoyed the way it organized and taken to detailed blog and YouTube links with examples.

Definitely recommend this course for whoever learns #SpringBoot or practice currently.

Excellent! Thx Again

Anbu Sampath

Anbu Sampath

Testimonial On Twitter

Great job!

Really useful and relevant!

Thanks a lot!

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Course Structure

Getting Started



Basic Topics

Creating a New Spring Boot Project

Inspecting the Spring Boot Starter Test

Testing Java Applications With Maven

Getting Familiar with JUnit 5 and Mockito

Overview of Testing Spring Boot Applications

Intermediate Topics

Spring Boot Test Slice Annotations

Testing the Web Layer

Testing the Persistence Layer

Further Test Slice Annotations

Advanced Topics

Infrastructure Setup for Integration Tests With Testcontainers

Integration Tests with @SpringBootTest

Writing End-To-End Tests

Next Steps

Final Quiz

Where to Go Next?