Our Workshops

Currently, our comprehensive Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass, with its 130 lessons and 12 hours of video content, stands as our most detailed resource for developers seeking to transform their testing approach into a daily practice to become more productive and confident.

We recognize that developers have diverse skill levels and many prefer interactive, live learning environments. In response, we're exploring the idea of developing workshops tailored to small groups of 8-12 participants, lasting 1-2 days. Our aim is to demystify automated testing for Spring Boot applications, presenting content that is both practical and straightforward.

As a tentative plan, we're considering offering two courses (working titles):

  • Spring Boot Testing Fundamentals For Newcomers: Designed for those new to Spring Boot or Java, this course focuses on the basics of the Java testing ecosystem and practical approaches to testing Spring Boot applications.
  • The Art of Testing Spring Boot Applications: An Advanced Course: Geared towards developers with experience in Spring Boot and Java, this course delves into advanced practices, techniques, and strategies to enhance productivity and confidence in Spring Boot application development.

If you or your team/company would be interested in participating in such courses and moving away from cargo-cult testing techniques, please help us understand your needs by completing the survey below.

Your feedback is crucial to us, and rest assured, filling out the survey implies no obligation.

Thanks for helping us!