Affiliate Resources

Thanks a lot for joining the rieckpil affiliate program. On this page, you'll find resources to advertise the various products. This includes creatives, sales copy and general information. 


Access the Creatives Library to download images for the online courses.

Creating Affiliate Links

You can create your unique affiliate links after signing up for an affiliate account at CopeCart (eCommerce provider). Those links set a cookie on the checkout page and will redirect to the landing page of the advertised product. If the visitor decides to buy the product within a 30-day time window, you'll get the commission.

Structure of an affiliate link:<PRODUCT_ID>/p/<YOUR_AFFILIATE_SLUG>/

Find the product ID of the various products below:

  • Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass: 521411d4
  • Java Testing Bundle: d7dc6b6f
  • Testing Spring Boot Applications Primer Online Course: a31b8979
  • Hands-On Mocking with Mockito: 5c6ef00a
  • TDD with Spring Boot Done Right: e4b443de

Even though you may not see all these products inside your CopeCart dashboard, you'll still get the commission for each sale.

A final URL for the Masterclass for an affiliate account slug rieckpil would like the following: