Spring Framework

Testing Spring Boot Applications Primer

5 Modules 16 Lessons Easy

About this course

Online course to get started with unit, integration, and end-to-end testing Spring Boot applications:
  • Guided Introduction For Testing Real-World Spring Boot Applications
  • 15 Course Lessons Covering Unit, Integration, and End-To-End Testing
  • 12 Hands-On Exercises Including a Final Assessment
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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Getting Started

Introduction and prerequisities for this course.
5 Lessons

Basic Topics

Starting with the basics of testing Spring Boot applications: Creating a new Spring Boot project, inspecting its testing capabilities, and unit testing.
4 Lessons

Intermediate Topics

Taking the next step and learning how the different Spring Boot Test annotations can help testing slices of our application in isolation.
3 Lessons

Advanced Topics

Going up the testing pyramid (or honeycomb) and start writing integration and end-to-end tests.
2 Lessons

Next Steps

How to proceed? Your next steps to master testing Spring Boot applications.