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Ultimative Spring Developer Resources

by rieckpil

Excellent video courses

Must read books

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    Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry

    Josh Long’s bestseller about Cloud Native Java using Spring. Must read for microservice developers to learn about resilient system design.

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    Spring Microservices in Action

    John Carnell teaches how to build Spring microservice-based applications covering every topic from configuration to deployment

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    Learning Spring Boot 2.0 - Second Edition: Simplify the development of lightning fast applications based on microservices and reactive programming

    Great starting point for learning Spring Boot 2.0. Greg Turnquist covers topics like Reactive programming, messaging, NoSQL access, security and WebSockets.

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    Pro Spring 5: An In-Depth Guide to the Spring Framework and Its Tools

    If you want to master Spring with its basics and core topics in-depth, this book is for you.

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    Spring 5 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

    Solving real-world problems with great code examples. There are at least a few recipes to improve your current Spring 5 microservice.

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    Spring Boot 2: Moderne Softwareentwicklung mit Spring 5

    Great German book from Michael Simons covering nearly every popular Spring Boot topic (messaging, security, testing …).

Learn from the best Udemy course authors

PS: They all cost about 12-15 $ each – wait for a Udemy discount event or search for a coupon in the internet

Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru

That was my first Udemy course for learning Spring and it’s one of the best-rated Spring courses out there. You’ll learn everything you need to start your career as a Spring developer (Spring Data, Spring MVC, WebFlux, Spring Boot …). 50 hours of video content for such a low price! (COUPON: SFG_HOME_PAGE)

Master Hibernate and JPA with Spring Boot in 100 steps

I really like the concept behind in28Minutes and the free-content they provide on YouTube. This course is one of their best-rated ones and it gave me the missing information for mastering the persistence layer with JPA in Spring Boot. You should also check the other Udemy courses of in28Minutes. (COUPON: IN28MINUTES-2019)

Microservices with Spring Cloud

Excellent course for all of you who want to start with Spring Cloud. Besides learning how to work with the different Spring Cloud projects (Hystrix, Ribbon, Config …) you also get a great architectural input for microservice.

Go full stack with Spring Boot and Angular 7

If you are looking for a full stack course for learning both frontend and backend I can recommend this course. You’ll be using the latest Angular version alongside Spring Boot to create a todo application including user management with Spring Security. (COUPON: IN28MINUTES-2019)

YouTube channels


Must follow Twitter handles

  • Mark Heckler (@mkheck): Spring developer advocate
  • Stephane Nicoll (@snicoll): Spring Boot developer
  • Oliver Drotbohm (@odrotbohm): Spring Data project lead
  • Mark Paluch (@mp911de): Spring developer
  • Jens Schauder (@jensschauder): Spring Data developer


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