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Ultimative Java/Jakarta EE Developer Resources

by rieckpil

Must read books

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    Java EE 8 Cookbook: Build reliable applications with the most robust and mature technology for enterprise development

    Great book from Elder Moraes with simple quickstarts to nearly all Java EE 8 specs. Optimal for beginner to get in touch with the several specifications.

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    Architecting Modern Java EE Applications: Designing lightweight, business-oriented enterprise applications in the age of cloud, containers, and Java EE 8

    Sebastian Daschner is covering architecture, development & deployment for Java/Jakarta EE applications in a cloud-native way.

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    The Definitive Guide to JSF in Java EE 8: Building Web Applications with JavaServer Faces

    Must read for JSF developer from Bauke Scholtz and Arjan Tijms.Whether or not you are a beginner or more advanced you’ll learn a lot about JSF in this book.

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    High-Performance Java Persistence

    JPA bible from Vlad Mihalcea. Whether you face JPA performance issues or want to get deeper Hibernate and JPA understandings, Vlad will ensure you get the most of your persistence layer.

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    Java EE 8 Design Patterns and Best Practices: Build enterprise-ready scalable applications with architectural design patterns

    Rhuan Rocha and Joao Purificacao cover a lot of architectural design patterns for your Java EE 8 enterprise application and help you build scalable and long-living applications.

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    Java EE 8 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

    Solution-focused Java EE 8 recipes four your enterprise application from Josh Juneau.

Learn from the best Udemy course authors

PS: They all cost about 12-15 $ each – wait for a Udemy discount event or search for a coupon in the internet
The Java EE Course – build a Java EE app from scratch

Within this course, you’ll build a full Java EE airline management application from scratch, and learn Java EE theory and practice in the process (including JAX-RS, JPA, EJB, JSP…)

Java EE Made Easy – Patterns, Architecture and Frameworks

With this course, you’ll get a Big Picture of Java EE. You will understand the Jargon, Specifications, Patterns used in Java EE. You will understand the Basic Architecture of a Java EE Application.

YouTube channels


Discover excellent video courses on Pluralsight (or 10 days FREE trial)


Must follow Twitter handles

  • Jakarta Blogs (@JakartaEEBlogs): Collection point of Java/Jakarta EE blogs
  • Jakarta EE (@jakartaEE): Jakarta EE community account
  • Java EE Guardians (@javaee_guardian): Java EE community account
  • Eclipse MicroProfile (@MicroProfileIO): MicroProfile community account
  • Steve Millidge (@l33tj4v4): Payara founder
  • Eclipse Foundation (@EclipseFdn): Official Eclipse account
  • Emily Jiang (@emilyfhjang): MicroProfile, Java, Jakarta EE conference speaker
  • Elder Moraes (@elderjava): Java EE book author
  • Java LibHunt (@JavaLibHunt): Weekly Java newsletter
  • Jason Greene (@jtgreene): Quarkus Co-Founder and former WildFly project lead
  • Reza Rahman (@reza_rahman): Java EE enthusiast

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