TDD (Test-Driven Development) with Spring Boot Done Right

Boost your productivity with TDD (Test-Driven Development) and Spring Boot to accelerate your development. Build better, faster, and safer.

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This course is only sold in conjunction with the Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass

Why this Course on TDD (Test-Driven Development) with Spring Boot

No Fluff

We don't want to religiously convice you.

Take this course and see it for yourself. Apply what works for you and avoid cargo-cult.

Beyond The Basics

Test fails, test passes, refactoring? 

But how to do TDD for legacy code? How to do it remotely within a team? We'll answe that.

Real-World Examples

TDD for a Game or Calculator is simple.

That's playground and doesn't prepare you. We go for real world hands-on examples.

Productivity Boost

Write more maintainable code.

Get confidence by adding a covering test suite for your project to sleep better at night.

Comparison With Other Courses

While the final syllabus for this course is not published, here's a short comparsion on how this course is different from the other courses

Testing Spring Boot Applications Primer Online Course

The Primer online course is a beginner-friendly course to get started with testing Spring Boot applications. 

You'll learn the fundamentals of testing Spring Boot applications: unit, integration, and end-to-end testing.

Within three hours, you'll have the basics to start testing your Spring Boot application.

» More information about the Primer course.

Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Online Course

The Masterclass is an in-depth and advanced course on testing Spring Boot applications. 

We cover fundamentals and advanced techniques, recipes and best practices for testing your Spring Boot applications

The course consists of 130+ lessons with 10h+ hands-on video content.

» More information about the Testing Masterclass.

Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with AWS eBook & Online Course

With Stratospheric, we focus on developing, deploying, and monitoring Spring Boot applications on AWS.

We develop a sample application that interacts with the most common AWS services (email, messaging, database, etc.).

Furthermore, we cover CI/CD, Observability, and general development best practices (not a testing course at all).

» More information about the Stratospheric project.

What This Course Makes it Different from the Courses Above

With TDD with Spring Boot Done Right, you'll learn how to effectively use test-driven development for your Spring Boot application to boost your productivity and confidence.

It's beneficial to go through the Primer and Masterclass online courses before taking this course. However, it's not necessary, as we'll also cover the relevant Spring Boot testing techniques.

While the testing courses above teach the toolbox, this course will teach a development technique rather than recipes & general testing skills.

About the Course Instructor

Philip is an independent IT consultant living in Berlin. He started working with Java back in 2015 and has used it together with Spring Boot for multiple applications in several industries. Testing is an integral part of his daily work as he is a profound craftsman.

Once Philip understood the ins and outs of the Java testing landscape, writing tests makes as much fun as writing production code for him. He's a won around TDD (Test Driven Development) practitioner and regularly shares testing techniques among his colleagues and clients.

He started teaching Java topics on YouTube in 2018 and is writing content about the Java ecosystem on his blog since 2017.

More than 10.000 course students have enrolled for his online courses. Besides that, he's also actively helping developers on Stack Overflow with their questions around testing Java applications.

Testimonials From His Spring Boot Testing Masterclass

Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Tom Hombergs

Tom Hombergs

Founder of

Philip is a dedicated developer and doesn't give up until he has understood the details of a topic.

In his courses and articles, he transfers this knowledge to you and they leave you smarter than before. 

Looking forward to working with you in the future, Philip.

Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea

Founder of

Philip is a very skilled content creator who managed to publish high quality articles and videos that cover a wide range of topics, like Spring, Java, or Spring Boot

He pays a lot of attention to details, so if you enjoyed his articles and videos, you are surely going to love his video courses.

Marco Behler

Marco Behler

Founder of

How can you not love what Philip is doing?

Tons of actionable tutorials and content across the Java and Spring universes. 

Highly recommended!

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