System.out.println(“Hello World!”);

Welcome to my blog about software development. I am a twenty-two years old software developer and living in Germany. As a Java developer, I work for an automotive supplier company in Franconia.

My career as a developer started with a cooperative study program, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business information technology. During these three years, J worked in several departments as an intern and learned among other things how to administrate a database, roll out a new learning management system, build UX prototypes and how to participate in a Scrum Team.

After this three year program, I started as a junior Java developer. Most of the time I design and implement microservices with REST interfaces for several intern apps. Therefore we use Spring, JavaEE, relational and NoSQL databases, Kafka and Kubernetes.

Besides the work for my company, I am self-employed and develop prototypes currently in the real estate sector. Most of the time I use React as a frontend library and an Express.js/Spring back-end.

In this blog I’ll concentrate on the following topics:

  • Java (Spring and JavaEE) development
  • NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Clean code
  • Single Page Applications
  • Mindset as a developer
  • Obstacles during the journey to senior level

I hope you liked the short introduction. See you soon!


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