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Siva Course Student

I got an opportunity to review the course I find it wonderful for learning how to test Spring Boot applications leveraging modern testing frameworks and libraries.

I would highly recommend Masterclass for anybody working with Spring Boot applications. Read the full review from Siva here.

SIVA Katamreddy

Developer Advoce at AtomicJar (the company behind Testcontainers)

Deploy Changes with Confidence

Below you see one of the final end-to-end tests we're going to write to verify the most important user journey of the Book Reviewr application.

Testcontainers VNC Recording End-to-End test
Write Meaningful Tests

There's a lot of cargo cult when it comes to testing. With this course, you'll learn which parts of your Spring Boot application you need to cover with unit, integration, and end-to-end tests.

Hands-On Testing for Real-World Applications

The current trend toward microservice-based architectures and cloud deployments brings more challenges for effectively testing our application. You'll learn various testing patterns that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day projects.

Best Practices & Testing Recipes

Enrich your skillset as a software developer and become a more valuable team member by learning the best practices and recipes for testing Spring Boot applications.

Three (Good) Reasons to Master Testing Spring Boot Applications

Avoid Low Hanging Bugs

Detect bugs early in the development process by focussing on meaningful test coverage of your code.

Become More Productive

Spend less time manually testing your application by creating a covering and rich test suite.

Be More Confident

No more fire-and-forget commits to production, praying that you didn't break another end of your application.

Testimonials from Exisiting Course Students

Björn Wilmsmann

The course is highly recommended for Spring Boot developers who want to move beyond basic unit testing and get familiar with both best practices and various testing frameworks and approaches.


Wim Deblauwe Course Student

Philip has made a fantastic overview of the full testing landscape of Spring.

The videos are clear and explain details and common pitfalls in great depth. Looking forward to the rest of the course.


Michal Kupisinski

Your course is very comprehensive and there’s a need to spend a lot of time to complete it but it’s worth every minute.

 To be exact I believe that after those many hours I saved weeks or months of self-learning.

Michal Kupisiński

Vlad Flore Course Student

Bought it a couple of days ago and had a look at it -> it's awesome! Really like the tech stack and the project looks altogether very professional

Lots of good stuff in there!


Watch the Preview lessons

The Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass in a nutshell


Learn about the Book Reviewr course application and its architecture. The course application mirrors a modern Spring Boot microservice and connects to various infrastructure resources like an identity provider, a database, a message queue, and a remote REST API.

#1 Book Reviwr Course Application Walkthrough

Understand the main functionality of the course application. We'll go through the React.js frontend to explain the main user journeys ,that we'll write automated unit, integration, and end-to-end tests for.

#2 Your first JUnit Jupiter Extension

Getting started with JUnit Jupiter extensions. Learn how to outsource cross-cutting concerns for your tests by creating a custom extension. This is an advanced JUnit concept that you'll greatly benefit from. It will also help to understand how existing JUnit Jupiter extensions work.

#3 Using P6SPY for more insights with @DataJpaTest

Adding P6SPY to our @DataJpaTest to get more insights about the executed SQL query. This testing recipe can help to identify expensive SQL queries early in the development cycle.

#4 Happy-path Testing for Creating Reviews

Learn how to use the @WebMvcTest annotation to write meaningful tests for your Spring Web controller. We'll cover multiple endpoints and also learn how to test a protected endpoint.

Testimonials from Exisiting Course Students

Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review
Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass Review

About Philip

Philip is an independent IT consultant living in Berlin. He started working with Java back in 2015 and has used it together with Spring Boot for multiple applications in several industries. Testing is an integral part of his daily work as he is a profound craftsman.

Once Philip understood the ins and outs of the Java testing landscape, writing tests makes as much fun as writing production code for him. He's a won around TDD (Test Driven Development) practitioner and regularly shares testing techniques among his colleagues and clients.

He started teaching Java topics on YouTube in 2018 and is writing content about the Java ecosystem on his blog since 2017.

More than 10.000 course students have enrolled for his online courses. Besides that, he's also actively helping developers on Stack Overflow with their questions around testing Java applications.

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