Type: Job Offering(s)

I'm looking for support to speed up the delivery of the next Java testing tools & libraries for the Java Testing Toolbox eBook.

The goal of the Java Testing Toolbox is to provide an overview of the entire Java testing ecosystem and its tools & libraries. With cookbook-style introductions to the various tools, other Java developers should get an overview of the mature and rich Java testing ecosystem.

This eBook will be their go-to resource when they're looking for a tool that supports X (e.g., performance testing, HTTP mocking, etc).

For every tool and library, there will be a 4-5 page long introduction with the following structure:

  • Basic introduction to the tool
  • Required Maven/Gradle setup
  • The three most common use cases including step-by-step examples

You can take a look at a sample chapter here.

I've already covered the first 15 tools this way and am now looking for support for the next testing tools to speed up the delivery.

This job fits perfectly if you are ...

  • a maintainer of a testing library that you want to promote
  • a company that offers great testing tools for which you want to reach a bigger audience
  • have had a great experience with a tool or library and want to write about it

Please apply if you have project experience (it's not enough to just re-write the documentation of these tools) with at least one of the following Java testing tools/libraries and can write a cookbook-style introduction about it:

  • Pact
  • Diffblue
  • Fitnesse
  • JMH
  • Spring Cloud Contract
  • DiffBlue
  • JMeter
  • Gatling
  • Spock
  • Quick Perf
  • Citrus
  • PowerMock
  • DBUnit
  • etc. - This list is not complete. Please also reach out if you have a tool that's not mentioned here

Depending on your skill level, you'll get up to $80 for each tool introduction (including source code examples and step-by-step explanations).

On top of the hands-on experience with the tool, you should have basic Java, Git, and Asciidoc skills (quite similar to Markdown).

Drop me a message or contact me via Twitter if you are interested.

PS: We can coordinate this job via Upwork/Fiverr if you want.