Make your Java EE application cloud- ready with MicroProfile!

Getting started with Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle

NEWS: Now up-to-date for MicroProfile 3.3

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Effectively bootstrap a new MicroProfile project

Learn how to start a new MicroProfile project standalone or use it for an existing Java EE or Jakarta EE application.

80/20 learning approach (Pareto)

After working with this bundle, you'll know the 20% of the specifications you'll use 80% of the time in your projects. 

Full access to the codebase 

You'll get full access to the source code of each section and a step-by-step guide on how to run the examples on your machine.

Master each specification

The Bundle covers all twelve MicroProfile specifications, all adding missing cloud-native parts to your project.

The following specifications of

 MicroProfile are covered in-depth (12/12)

  • MicroProfile Config
  • MicroProfile Metrics
  • MicroProfile Fault Tolerance
  • MicroProfile JWT Auth
  • MicroProfile Open Tracing
  • MicroProfile Open API
  • CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection)
  • JAX-RS
  • JSON-B
  • JSON-P
  • MicroProfile Health
  • MicroProfile Rest Client

Read the chapter about MicroProfile Fault Tolerance

Want a quick Example?

MicroProfile Fault Tolerance

Adding resiliency to your application: Retry, Timeout, CircuitBreaker, Fallbacks

MicroProfile Metrics

Expose metrics from your application: Timer, Counter, Gauge, etc.

Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics Example

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FREE Bundle (E-Book & Video Guide) Reveals...

I've put together the most comprehensive E-Book and video guide to start learning MicroProfile. The Bundle contains an E-Book, a video course and a cheat sheet to kickstart your MicroProfile success.

As all major application server also support MicroProfile out-of-the-box, you can easily apply this to your existing application.

  • Explore how to add missing parts e.g. Open API support, JWT Authentication, Resiliency (Retries, Circuit Breaker, Fallback), etc. to an existing Enterprise Java application
  • Avoid vendor-lock when implementing applications using MicroProfile 
  • Discover why MicroProfile is a great spec for building cloud-native applications 

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The MicroProfile Bundle includes the following

MicroProfile E-Book & Video Course

Getting started with Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle

Learn the fundamentals of MicroProfile and get detailed insights to each specification. In addition, the video course provides hands-on examples.

Application server cheatsheet

Application Server Cheat Sheet

Writing the application is one part, but deploying the other. With this cheat sheet you can manage each major application server with ease.

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Getting started with Eclipse MicroProfile Course Bundle

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I've shared some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

  • Which version of MicroProfile is used?

    I keep the Bundle up-to-date with the current MicroProfile release. The current bundle uses MicroProfile 3.3.
  • Do I need previous knowledge to work with this Bundle?

    No, just basic Java knowledge is required. To run all example on your local machine, make sure to have a proper Maven, Java 11 and Docker setup.
  • I found a bug or not-working example in the Bundle

    Feel free to contact me or open a issue on the corresponding GitHub repository.
  • As the Bundle is for FREE, how can I support you?

    Thank you! If you want to support my work, you can share this Bundle with your friends or co-workers to gain more reach for MicroProfile. Furthermore you can write me your feedback and a short review if you like (FacebookInstagram or Twitter).