Learning Resources for the Core Spring Framework

Spring Security, secure RESTful web services, authentication providers, JWT, ACL

Spring Framework deep dive, data access, transaction management, internals of the framework

reusable recipes and snippets, Spring Batch, NoSQL, integration with Java EE, Spring Web MVC

certification preparation, Spring Framework internals, AOP, transactions, SQL and NoSQL

Online Courses

Learn Spring & Hibernate for Beginners
Level: Beginner

Perfect course if your are new to the Spring framework. This course covers all related topics (dependency injection, Spring Web MVC, etc.) and let's yo develop a real-time project with Spring. Furthermore you'll learn Java's popular ORM Hibernate.

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Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru
Level: Mid to advanced

That was my first Udemy course for learning Spring and it's one of the best-rated Spring courses out there. You'll learn everything you need to start your career as a Spring developer (Spring Data, Spring MVC, WebFlux, Spring Boot ...)

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Spring Framework Masterclass
Level: Mid to advanced

I really like the concept behind in28Minutes and the free-content they provide on YouTube. This course is one of their best-rated ones and it gave me the missing information for mastering Spring

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  • Spring CORE




Learning Resources for Spring Boot

Spring Boot, reactive programming, AMQP messaging, WebSockets, developer tools

German, security, web services, database access, caching, testing and documentation

Spring Boot, React, Axios, CRUD operations, React Hooks, RESTful web services

Spring Boot, JHipster, full stack applications, cloud deployment, Docker, Kubernetes

Online Courses

Mastering Thymeleaf with Spring Boot
Level: Mid

Learn how to write Spring Boot applications with Thymeleaf. Thymeleaf is a highly popular server-side templating engine to use produce rich, and dynamic web pages. No prior Thymeleaf knowledge required for this course.

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Fullstack with Spring Boot and Angular
Level: Mid

If you are looking for a full stack course for learning both frontend and backend I can recommend this course. You'll be using the latest Angular version alongside Spring Boot to create a todo application including user management with Spring Security.


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Master Hibernate with Spring Boot
Level: Mid to advanced

Another great online course from in28Minutes. This course is one of their best-rated ones and it gave me the missing information for mastering the persistence layer with JPA in Spring Boot. You should be familiar with basic Spring concepts before. 

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  • Spring BOOT

» What is Spring Boot? Autoconfigurations In-Depth - from Marco Behler

» Building an application with Spring Boot - from Spring

» Efficient web apps with Spring Boot - from Stéphane Nicoll and Brian Clozel

» Bootiful Testing - from  Josh Long

» CRUD applications with Spring Boot 2.2 - from rieckpil

Learning Resources on architecture for Spring applications

Spring Cloud, messaging, event-driven, continuous delivery, Mircoservice architecture

Spring Cloud, Netflix Zuul, Ribbon, Eureka, service routing, security

of Microservices

CQRS, distributed transactions, high availability principles, event-driven architectures

service decomposition, transaction management, query patterns, inter process communication

Online Courses

Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud Beginner to Guru
Level: Beginner to mid

In this course you will learn every aspect of Spring Boot that helps you develop Microservices. The course goes beyond simple RESTful APIs and explores microservices as an architectural style.


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Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud
Level: Mid

This course covers all Spring Cloud technologies (e.g. Eureka, Zuul, Zipkin, etc.). You will learn how to run Microservices on your own developer's machine as well as in Docker Containers on AWS EC2.

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Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
Level: Mid to advanced

This course from in28Minutes covers also advanced topics like: HATEOAS, client side load balancing with Ribbon, distributed tracing while utilizing Spring Cloud and Spring Boot.

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