Learning Resources for the Core Spring Framework

Spring Security, secure RESTful web services, authentication providers, JWT, ACL

Spring Framework deep dive, data access, transaction management, internals of the framework

Spring 5 Recipes book

reusable recipes and snippets, Spring Batch, NoSQL, integration with Java EE, Spring Web MVC

Spring 5 Certified Book

certification preparation, Spring Framework internals, AOP, transactions, SQL and NoSQL


  • Spring CORE




Learning Resources for Spring Boot

Spring Boot, reactive programming, AMQP messaging, WebSockets, developer tools

Spring Boot 2 Book (German)

German, security, web services, database access, caching, testing and documentation

Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 2 and React

Spring Boot, React, Axios, CRUD operations, React Hooks, RESTful web services

Full Stack Development with JHipster

Spring Boot, JHipster, full stack applications, cloud deployment, Docker, Kubernetes

  • Spring BOOT

» What is Spring Boot? Autoconfigurations In-Depth - from Marco Behler

» Building an application with Spring Boot - from Spring

» Efficient web apps with Spring Boot - from Stéphane Nicoll and Brian Clozel

» Bootiful Testing - from  Josh Long

Learning Resources on architecture for Spring applications

Spring Cloud, messaging, event-driven, continuous delivery, Mircoservice architecture

Spring Cloud, Netflix Zuul, Ribbon, Eureka, service routing, security

of Microservices

Microservice Architecture with Spring Boot

CQRS, distributed transactions, high availability principles, event-driven architectures

Microservice Patterns Book

service decomposition, transaction management, query patterns, inter process communication

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