Spring Framework

Testing Spring Boot Applications Fundamentals

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About this course

This course covers the fundamentals of writing tests for Spring Boot applications.


You'll learn to make the most of the testing libraries that are part of the Spring Boot Starter Test. This includes an introduction to JUnit 5 and Mockito. Furthermore, we'll take look into Hamcrest, AssertJ, JsonPath, and JSONAssert.


Please note: This course contains a subset of the Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass. If you already enrolled for the Bootcamp or Masterclass, you won't learn anything new with this course edition.


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Important update: As of the 23rd of July 2021, this course is no longer available to purchase as I'm consolidating my course efforts. Either start with the Testing Spring Boot Applications Primer or enroll for the Masterclass. Existing course users can still work through this material.