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Testing Spring Boot Applications Bootcamp

5 Modules 10 Chapters 62 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This Bootcamp covers writing unit tests for Spring Boot applications including test for your database layer (@DataJpaTest) and web-layer (@WebMvcTest).


It's a subset of the Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass and contains the first four Modules of it. Learn everything you need to know about unit testing Spring Boot applications and make the most of the testing libraries like JUnit 5, Mockito, and Testcontainers while using a real word application example: Java 14, Spring Boot 2.4, React, TypeScript, AWS, PostgreSQL, and Keycloak.


Please note: This course contains a subset of the Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass. If you already enrolled for the Masterclass, you won't learn anything new with this course edition.


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Course Structure

2 Chapters

Testing database access

Start writing efficient tests for your database layer while utilizing Spring Boot test features like @DataJpaTest, TestEntityManager, @Sql, etc.

Furthermore, with this module you'll start using Testcontainers to replace the default in-memory database, learn how you can pre-populate your database, and understand the pitfalls when writing tests where the EntityManger is involved.

2 Chapters

Testing the web layer

MockMvc to the rescue!

Learn how to effectively test your web-layer (@RestController and @Controller) in isolation. You have your endpoints secured with Spring Security? No problem! There is great support available to ensure only authenticated users with the correct privileges reach your endpoints. 

1 Lesson

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How to continue after finishing the Testing Spring Boot Applications Bootcamp.