Spring Framework

CRUD Applications with Spring Boot (TDD)

5 Lessons Easy

About this course

Learn how to write CRUD Applications with Spring Boot, Java 11, JUnit 5, and H2 as an embedded database following TDD (Test Driven Development).


You’ll get insights on how to effectively write and test CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) applications using best practices. The whole application is developed in a TDD-style with JUnit 5.


To complete this course you need basic Java skills, an IDE, an internet connection, coffee, and 90 minutes.

Course Structure

Spring Boot Application Setup

The course starts with an introduction for the application setup. We'll take a look at the Spring Boot application with Maven, the JPA & database setup and how to generate random sample data .

REST API to create entities

In this section we'll cover how to develop the REST API endpoint to create new entities and store them in the database.

REST API to read entities

In this section we cover developing two REST API endpoints to read entities. One endpoint will return all entities and the other takes an path variable to return a specific entity


REST API to update entities

In this section we cover developing the REST API endpoint to update existing entities in the database.


REST API to delete entities

In the final section we develop a  REST API endpoint to delete entities by their id.