Spring Boot Application Setup

Further resources

You can find the source code for this CRUD application on GitHub: https://github.com/rieckpil/blog-tutorials/tree/master/demo-crud-application

For more testing deep-dive with Spring Boot using a real world application example (Java 14, Spring Boot, React, TypeScript, AWS, Keycloak, PostgreSQL), take a look at the Testing Spring Boot Applications Masterclass.

  • To enable Lombok in IntelliJ install Lombok plugin and enable annotation processing.
    If you have a problem to see H2 console, try to find the string in logs like this jdbc:h2:mem:5e2dbb95-360b-4c51-b972-5179f0eb0950

  • the content is very helpful but the videos are just blurry i can not see clearly i just listen and code what i hear and it is bad. if you have hosted the videos somewhere else where they have quality please share the link.

    • Hey Tinyiko,

      thanks for your feedback. Can you try to change the quality settings of the video? For me 1080p is fine.

      In addition to this, I’m planning to re-record the whole course. This course was one of my first screencasts and hence I made a lot of mistakes 😀

      Hope this helps,

  • Small addition as you used 2.2.0 M3 in this video: versions before 2.3 had default H2 database url as presented here (at 17:05) "jdbc:h2:mem:testdb". However, that changed after v2.3 and following instructions in video will render error: "Database 'mem:testdb' not found, either pre-create it or allow remote database creation (not recommended in secure environments) [90149-200] 90149/90149"
    To avoid it, check the logs when you start your app and look for "H2 console available at '/h2-console'. Database available at 'jdbc:h2:mem:42420813-7df3-4a42-42df-7f531ff14242'", so you try to connect to the correct url.

    Alternatively, you could explicitly specify url with: spring.datasource.url=jdbc:h2:mem:testdb

  • How the mem:testdb name configured automatically. When i followed the tutorial, the name generated for h2 db is like “58a9b8d5-5dd0-4d74-a210-695e3e557729”. I am using 2.5.5 as springboot version

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