Spring Boot Application Setup


As this was one of my first recorded online courses, the audio and video quality is not perfect. Consider my latest videos on YouTube, the Testing Spring Boot Applications Primer (beginner to intermediate) or Masterclass (advanced) for more recent content on testing Spring Boot applications.


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  • To enable Lombok in IntelliJ install Lombok plugin and enable annotation processing.
    If you have a problem to see H2 console, try to find the string in logs like this jdbc:h2:mem:5e2dbb95-360b-4c51-b972-5179f0eb0950

  • the content is very helpful but the videos are just blurry i can not see clearly i just listen and code what i hear and it is bad. if you have hosted the videos somewhere else where they have quality please share the link.

    • Hey Tinyiko,

      thanks for your feedback. Can you try to change the quality settings of the video? For me 1080p is fine.

      In addition to this, I’m planning to re-record the whole course. This course was one of my first screencasts and hence I made a lot of mistakes šŸ˜€

      Hope this helps,

  • Small addition as you used 2.2.0 M3 in this video: versions before 2.3 had default H2 database url as presented here (at 17:05) "jdbc:h2:mem:testdb". However, that changed after v2.3 and following instructions in video will render error: "Database 'mem:testdb' not found, either pre-create it or allow remote database creation (not recommended in secure environments) [90149-200] 90149/90149"
    To avoid it, check the logs when you start your app and look for "H2 console available at '/h2-console'. Database available at 'jdbc:h2:mem:42420813-7df3-4a42-42df-7f531ff14242'", so you try to connect to the correct url.

    Alternatively, you could explicitly specify url with: spring.datasource.url=jdbc:h2:mem:testdb

  • How the mem:testdb name configured automatically. When i followed the tutorial, the name generated for h2 db is like “58a9b8d5-5dd0-4d74-a210-695e3e557729”. I am using 2.5.5 as springboot version

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