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Common Enterprise Use Cases

File up- and downloading

  • Up- and download files with React and Spring Boot (here)
  • Up- and download files with Java EE and Web Components (here)
  • RESTEasy (WildFly – JAX-RS 2.1) file up- and downloading (here)

Deployment to Kubernetes

  • Deploy a React application to Kubernetes (here)
  • Deploy Java EE applications to Kubernetes (here)
  • Deploy a Spring Boot application to GKE (here)

Bootstrap a new project

  • Bootstrap your first Jakarta EE 8 application (here)
  • Bootstrap a JSF 2.3 Maven project in seconds (here)
  • Bootstrap a Java EE 8 and MicroProfile Maven project in seconds (here)

JSF quickstarts

  • Create nice-looking JSF 2.3 applications with PrimeFaces 7.0 (here)
  • JavaServer Faces. An introduction to JSF 2.3 (here)
  • Simple CRUD table with JSF 2.3 and PrimeFaces (here)

All about persistence

  • Dynamic SQL Querying & Pagination with Querydsl and Spring Data JPA (here)
  • JPA integration tests with Java EE (here)
  • Lazy Loading of JPA attributes with Hibernate (here)

Security first

  • MicroProfile JWT Authentication with Keycloak and React (here)
  • JAX-RS user-based rate-limiting with JSR-375 (here)
  • Simple form-based authentication for JSF 2.3 with Java EE 8 Security API (here)

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