#WHATIS? JavaServer Faces. An introduction to JSF 2.3

Scrolling through my news feed on Twitter I get flooded with new releases of npm modules and more and more blog articles about server-side rendering technologies for the latest Single Page Application frameworks like Angular, React. The following tweet summarized my current feelings: As I personally really like React and used it in the past for several projects,…

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#WHAT IS? Spring Cloud Config

In today’s #WHAT IS? blog post I want to present you one of my latest learning experiences: Spring Cloud Config. When I started to use the Spring Framework, the whole Spring ecosystem with its projects like Spring Data, Spring Web and Spring Security just overstrained me. While writing my first RESTful microservice with Spring Boot I was glad…

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#WHAT IS? Dependency Injection

Welcome to my first article for my genre #WHAT IS?. Today I’ll show you how I started to appreciate the concept of Dependency Injection (abbreviation: DI) and my bumpy learning path. During several coding projects at the Unversity, I never enjoyed the power of DI. As we were greenhorn developers none of our project members…

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