#REVIEW: Baeldung’s REST with Spring masterclass

Recently Baeldung announced to increase the price of his REST with Spring’s course from $ 249 to $ 299. As I am (or was) a big fan of Baeldung because of his free content about Java & Spring. I purchased the course because I thought I get high-quality and up-to-date content for this amount of money. In…

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#HOWTO: Expose git information with Spring Boot’s Actuator

In today’s #HOWTO blog post I want to show you a way to expose git information (like commit hash, commit timestamp, branch …) of the deployed application via Spring Boot’s Actuator dependency. If you are not versioning your Maven application with the <version>X.Y.Z</version> tag and you want to know which state of your application is deployed to…

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#WHAT IS? Spring Cloud Config

In today’s #WHAT IS? blog post I want to present you one of my latest learning experiences: Spring Cloud Config. When I started to use the Spring Framework, the whole Spring ecosystem with its projects like Spring Data, Spring Web and Spring Security just overstrained me. While writing my first RESTful microservice with Spring Boot I was glad…

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