#HOWTO: Simple CRUD table with JSF 2.3 and PrimeFaces

As my last blog post about a short intro to JavaServer Faces 2.3 got a lot of attention (my tweet got even retweeted by the Java EE Guardian’s twitter page (@javaee_guardian) I want to continue to write about JSF. Today I’ll cover one of the most common use cases for developing web-based applications: displaying/inserting/updating/deleting data…

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#WHATIS? JavaServer Faces. An introduction to JSF 2.3

Scrolling through my news feed on Twitter I get flooded with new releases of npm modules and more and more blog articles about server-side rendering technologies for the latest Single Page Application frameworks like Angular, React. The following tweet summarized my current feelings: As I personally really like React and used it in the past for several projects,…

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