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#REVIEWJava Java Logo

#REVIEW: 5 Java 9 Features you might not know yet

Java SE 9 has been released September 2017, three years after the Java SE 8 release from Oracle. The adoption of the Jigsaw module system since then is moderate in the Java community. Some developers skip the non-LTS releases (Java SE 9 is a non-LTS release) and upgrade to Java SE 11 directly. With three years…

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#REVIEW: SQL Performance Explained

Recently I’ve read the book SQL Performance Explained from Markus Winand (@MarkusWinand) and want to give you a review of this excellent book about SQL performance. The book contains the following chapters: Anatomy of an Index The Where Clause Performance and Scalability The Join Operation Clustering Data Sorting and grouping Partial Results Modifying Data Execution…

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With Red Hat announcing Quarkus as a … next-generation Kubernetes native Java Framework tailored for GraalVM and HotSpot, crafted from best-of-breed Java libraries and standards. I was impressed by the startup speed and memory consumption of the examples provided by Red Hat. One of the main reasons for these impressive numbers is the fact, that…

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#HOWTO: Writing PostgreSQL functions with Java using PL/Java

The PostgreSQL RDBMS offers a great variety for writing server-side functions and with PostgreSQL 11 now also stored procedures. PostgreSQL comes with a language named PL/pqSQL which enhances plain SQL with control flow predicates and is similar to Oracle’s PL/SQL proprietary language. Besides this SQL-like language, PostgreSQL also offers built-in support for using Perl 5, Python and TCL as possible…

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#HOWTO: Simple load-testing with Apache Benchmark

Testing your application’s performance during development as a single user is easy but often misleading. With writing unit- and integration-tests you make sure your main use cases and algorithms work as expected and cover the requirements of the business. Testing the performance of your application under the expected load is often neglected and after deploying…

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#HOWTO: Preview PDF files with React

In addition to my blog post #HOWTO: Up- and downloading files with React and Spring Boot, I want to show you a simple way to display PDF files in the browser with React. I’m using create-react-app to bootstrap the React application. For styling purposes I’ve added semantic-ui-react and semantic-ui-css. The library for previewing the PDF files is called react-pdf: {…

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#HOWTO: Simple database documentation with SchemaSpy

Recently I was looking for a simple solution to generate visual documentation of the underlying database. The solution should be easy to use, database vendor independent and automatable e.g. during the CI pipeline. Therefore I found SchemaSpy (GitHub – Homepage) which is a single jar file and is able to generate nice-looking web-based documentation like the…

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#HOWTOJava EEReactSecurity

#HOWTO: MicroProfile JWT Authentication with Keycloak and React

For securing your enterprise applications you have several choices which require different configuration setups. Lately, the stateless approach is the de-facto standard for securing your microservice based landscape. With the choice, your applications don’t store session data as the client mostly sends a JWT token with each request and thus the applications know about his metadata…

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#REVIEW: What’s new in Spring Boot 2.1

Recently Andy Wilkinson (@ankinson) from the Spring Boot core team announced the release of Spring Boot 2.1. During the last days, I played around with the new version and will present you the most important updates from my point of view. Spring Boot 2.1.0 has been released: There’s lots of good stuff in this one,…

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#REVIEW: Making first place at my second Hackathon

From the 19th to 21st of October 2018 the Hackathon Digital Tech Summit took place in Nuremberg as part of the Digital Festival in Nuremberg. With more than 500 attendees and 23 Hackathon teams, it was my second and yet biggest Hackathon and my team made the first place. We developed a solution for Siemens…

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#HOWTO: JPA integration tests with Java EE

Writing good unit tests for your central business logic is essential for the speed of your development and a confident deployment to production. But there are also parts of your application where plain unit tests with mocking frameworks like Mockito aren’t that useful or result in a “mocking-hell”. The interaction of your application with your…

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#HOWTO: Convert .docx files to .pdf files format loss-free

Recently I had to convert generated .docx files to .pdf files for a more convenient distribution. The Word documents contained some custom formatting and additional pictures. I tried several Java libraries for doing this job (Docx4j, XDocReport and Apache POI) but all of them couldn’t generate the output I got from manually converting the .docx files with Microsoft Word’s native…

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#WHATIS? JavaServer Faces. An introduction to JSF 2.3

Scrolling through my news feed on Twitter I get flooded with new releases of npm modules and more and more blog articles about server-side rendering technologies for the latest Single Page Application frameworks like Angular, React. The following tweet summarized my current feelings: As I personally really like React and used it in the past for several projects,…

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#REVIEW: Java by Comparison

In today’s post, I want to review the latest technical Java book I read. I came across the book “Java by Comparison” by Simon Harrer, Jörg Lenhard, and Linus Dietz while I was reading Venkat Subramaniam’s blog. Venkat did the foreword of this book and as I am a fan of him, I instantly bought the book.…

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#REVIEW: My first Hackathon

From July 10th to the 11th I took part in the Hackathon HACK|BAY which was organized by the tech incubator Zollhof in Nuernberg. Even if I participated in several coding challenges and a company internal Hackathon, this was my first Hackathon with a jury and multiple competing teams. The event was sponsored by several local…

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#HOWTO: Expose git information with Spring Boot’s Actuator

In today’s #HOWTO blog post I want to show you a way to expose git information (like commit hash, commit timestamp, branch …) of the deployed application via Spring Boot’s Actuator dependency. If you are not versioning your Maven application with the <version>X.Y.Z</version> tag and you want to know which state of your application is deployed to…

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#Review: Effective Java

In today’s #Review post I want to blog about one of my latest Java books: Effective Java. I was looking for a more advanced book about Java and therefore I found this book from Joshua Bloch. I bought the third edition of this book which was updated on 27th December 2017 for Java 7, 8 and 9.…

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#WHAT IS? Spring Cloud Config

In today’s #WHAT IS? blog post I want to present you one of my latest learning experiences: Spring Cloud Config. When I started to use the Spring Framework, the whole Spring ecosystem with its projects like Spring Data, Spring Web and Spring Security just overstrained me. While writing my first RESTful microservice with Spring Boot I was glad…

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#HOW TO: Sync Atom editor settings

If you are using the awesome Atom editor from GitHub and working with this editor on several machines and don’t want to manually install and copy all of your downloaded plugins and your settings, this article will improve your productivity! I am using Atom on three different machines (my MacBook, a Desktop PC and my corporate…

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#REVIEW: React 16 – Udemy course

Welcome to my first article in the #REVIEW genre. Today I want to give you a review about a Udemy React course I recently purchased and worked through. The full name of the course is React 16 – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux) (Link). The lecturer Maximilian Schwarzmüller published this course about…

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#WHATISDesignPatternsJava EESpring

#WHAT IS? Dependency Injection

Welcome to my first article for my genre #WHAT IS?. Today I’ll show you how I started to appreciate the concept of Dependency Injection (abbreviation: DI) and my bumpy learning path. During several coding projects at the Unversity, I never enjoyed the power of DI. As we were greenhorn developers none of our project members…

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Summary of the Container Conf 2017

From the 14th to the 16th of November I visited the ContainerConf 2017 in Mannheim. This conference focussed on the Docker container technology and the ecosystem around Docker. In this blog post, I’ll summarize the top five advice I learned at this conference. The conference was structured into two parts: conference days and workshop days.…

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System.out.println(“Hello World!”);

Welcome to my blog about software development. I am a twenty-two years old software developer and living in Germany. As a Java developer, I work for an automotive supplier company in Franconia. My career as a developer started with a cooperative study program, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business information technology.…

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